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Notes for my final thesis on the future of music distribution. Find out more about me on my blog at

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Interesting Twitter People

Dave Kusek
The author of a book titled "The Future of Music". Dave gives courses on the Future of Music and the Music Business at the Berklee College of Music.

Gerd Leonhard
Gerd's one of the foremost experts on the future of media and talks about Music Like Water.

Miro Gechev
Producer and owner of the 2AM music label that I'm working for. In short: my boss.

Thomas Schinabeck
Thomas is writing a Ph.D. about the impact of the digitalisation on the media industry.

18 July 11
24 June 09
18 June 09

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17 June 09
11 May 09

Help me out! Fill in the survey! Get free music!

Ermmm… no textbox to the right. Use the field below :-)

7 May 09

Looking for artists to sponsor my future of music thesis survey with a song/track to reward the participants!

Hi everyone!

I’m a 23 year old International Communication Management student currently writing my thesis about the Future of Music Distribution. For this thesis I’m going to be doing a survey to add more authority to the findings of my thesis so far. As an incentive for people to fill out the survey, I figured it would be appropriate to offer them FREE MUSIC! :-)

The idea is as follows:

After filling out the survey, the users will be shown the end page.

I’ll get some cover art, plus 10 tracks. I’ll put the cover art at the top, then tracklist:

1. Artist - Song (Download)
2. You - Your song (Download)
3. Artist - Song (Download)

The word download will link directly to the song, whereas I’ll make the artist name link directly to the profile page / website of the artists. It should be a good deal for everyone involved I believe :-)

I’ll also offer the whole thing in one ZIP file, and will include an information file with all the websites etc. I’ll also edit the artist websites into the ID3 info of the MP3’s.

Will do my best to make this a good promotion opportunity for all those involved!

Please get in touch with me asap, because I want to launch the survey within the next 36 hours!



6 April 09
Posted: 4:45 AM
1 April 09
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